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Perry Studio specializes in branding, design and execution of marketing and advertising products for all media.
Starting from formulating a strategy and concept, creating a prominent and unique branding language and up to the last banners.

What we do best?

Branding, logo design and formation of branding language, Web design, landing pages, newsletters, Banners and videos for social and e-commerce, Packaging design and printed products, Complex and simple projects.

The approach

We believe in transparency,
Always striving to refresh and renew,
We like to dive deep,
And enjoy when everything flows.

So, “be water” And we can all have fun working together 🙂

Keren Weiss

Graphic and performance designer Over 10 years of experience

Rony Perry

Owner and manager Art director For over 15 years

Yehuda Atzmon

Graphic designer, ux/ui Over 5 years of experience

Lital Cohen

Graphic designer, ux/ui Over 2 years of experience